Xiaolin Culture

Learn the exciting history of the Xiaolin Lifestyle brand rooted in Wutang culture from Staten Island New York and contemporary cannabis culture of Colorado.

    Mystical Realm of Shaolin: A Journey from East to West

    Founded in 2018, Xiaolin has become a symbol of exceptional craftsmanship and lifestyle, fusing the tradition and discipline of the legendary Shaolin Kung Fu Masters with the modern cultural influences of the Wu-Tang Clan.

    The storied realm of Shaolin transcends geographical boundaries and deeply influenced the cultural fabric of the West, particularly the vibrant streets of Staten Island, New York, where the Wu-Tang Clan, masters of lyrical prowess, redefined "Shaolin" as a symbol of artistic expression and resilience.

    Our founders formed their identity on the streets of this American Shaolin and now work to create lifestyle products and experiences influenced by and worthy of both worlds.